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Ministerial support can reduce funding, here are some alternatives

A recent study has found that charities who publicise ministerial support might be negatively impacting their funding opportunities.

In the current economic climate, this is not something many can afford.

Here are some alternative ways for charities to reduce costs and boost funding opportunities.

Embrace technology for operational efficiency

Diversify income streams

Leverage community resources

Revisit your procurement strategy

Financial sustainability is a complex challenge that requires innovative thinking and a willingness to adapt.

By embracing technology, diversifying income streams, leveraging community resources, revisiting procurement strategies, and utilising social media, charities can find new ways to reduce costs and boost funding opportunities.

These alternative methods not only enhance financial stability but also allow charities to focus on what truly matters: making a positive impact.

Outsourcing your accounting needs can also be a cost-efficient and workload-reducing strategy that boosts the profitability of your charity.

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