Tax Investigations – What our clients say

Our tax investigation service, led by our experienced Tax Resolution Director Paul Clarke, continues to deliver successful outcomes for clients, who remain very grateful for the service and advice that they receive.

To highlight the service delivered by our firm, here is what our clients have to say:

Thanks for your help in this matter. It’s a fantastic outcome and one which I hadn’t thought would be possible.

It was such a huge relief to me when everything was concluded. I cannot put into words how much you helped us, obviously, it goes without saying your expertise and professionalism are second to none. Your understanding, your compassion and your empathy were what really kept us going through an extremely difficult time.

This is just a quick note to tell you that we have not forgotten about your superb assistance with this, especially your expertise Paul! I cancelled an immediate impending holiday when all this kicked off, so worried was I about being on top of it all, but once we met up with you in your offices and you took control of it all due to your vast experience, we felt we were in safe hands and that feeling never left us. We will be eternally grateful for all that you did.

We have gone through a very stressful time since this investigation started almost five years ago, wrong advice from a previous tax investigation adviser, as well as charging us a large sum and finally threatening us.

Previous to the above we were introduced to other advisors who frightened us, making us feel like criminals. When we were introduced to you at Brown Butler, this was the time things started changing and you dealt with this very professionally. I cannot tell you how much I can thank you for the work you have done dealing and corresponding with HMRC.

This enquiry has been hanging over me for quite some time. Although I have always felt justified in the logic of the reasoning for the valuations made, I can see that the Revenue’s rationale had grounds. So, the final cost, whilst not a reason for joy, represents a considerable saving on the potential liability.

I put this down to the reasoned, calm and professional approach that you and your team brought to the negotiations. You have done an excellent job and, in the circumstances, achieved a satisfactory result. Thank you!

As well as supporting clients our tax investigation team continue to deliver outstanding advice and expertise to their fellow professionals. The chairman of one of the practising accountancy associations had this to say:

We were most impressed by both your academic knowledge and practical approach to the subject in hand, namely Tax Investigations. We very much hope that our relationship with you and your firm will continue in the future. Once again many thanks for your contribution.

Our team are passionate and proud of the high-quality service they provide to clients and other professionals. If you would like to find out how they could help you with tax investigations, please contact us.

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