Emergence from lockdown

Can you pivot your charity and improve your resilience?

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3rd November 2020

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10:00 am

According to a recent survey* the impact of COVID-19 on the charities sector will range from high to severe. Regardless of where your charity sits in this predicated scale charities who adapt to change are more likely to survive and thrive in a post lockdown world. There are some great examples where “pivoting” a charity has led to improved resilience in difficult times.

So can your charity pivot and what are the risks?

To help you, this webinar hosted by Linda Cooper and Craig Hughes, will walk you through some of the key considerations of pivoting a charity, including:

  • The predicted likely impact of COVID-19 on your sector
  • What is pivoting?
  • What charities have done this well?
  • The risks of pivoting and the dangers of doing nothing
  • Controlling the pivot:
    • cash management and funding options
    • forecasting
    • implementing controls and processes
    • tax and VAT considerations

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*survey conducted by EY – released in April 2020

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