Tax Resolution

Being notified of a tax investigation or getting into a dispute with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) over the amount of tax you owe can be an extremely stressful and time-consuming process.

We understand that most taxpayers want to resolve issues quickly and with minimal impact to their lives or the operations of their business, which is why we offer an effective tax resolution service.

Whether you are directly in a dispute with HMRC, or you are struggling with a wider dispute between businesses or individuals, we can help you resolve matters quickly and cost-efficiently.

Like many other businesses, individuals and professional advisers have before, you can trust us to find the most suitable approach to your dispute so that matters can be handled effectively and compassionately.

We have acted, with great success, in many different cases, including:

  • Enquiries or investigations by HMRC ranging from straightforward points at issue to complicated in-depth enquiries by specialist HMRC Departments including the Counter Avoidance Unit and the Fraud Investigation Service.
  • Tax disclosures on an unprompted basis under a range of disclosure facilities or settlement opportunities.
  • Negotiating penalties being charged by HMRC including dealing with penalty notices
  • Preparing cases for Tax Tribunal
  • Appearing as an Expert Witness in Dispute cases

Our experienced team are especially effective at settling matters through Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).

The main benefits of using ADR are:

  • Most tax disputes are eligible in principle for ADR
  • It does not prejudice or compromise your case
  • It is quicker, cheaper and less formal than litigation
  • Your anonymity is maintained

Every case we have taken through the ADR process has achieved significant savings.

With years spent working alongside HMRC and its inspectors, we understand the dispute and tribunal process inside and out and have a track record of achieving outstanding results for our clients.

Don’t just take our word for it, this is what others have had to say:

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