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Possible implications of summer for your business

Whether the warm weather persists or not, summer has arrived, ushering in seasonal challenges and opportunities for business owners.

While some may view summer as business as usual, many companies encounter disruptions and delays such as increased holiday schedules affecting workforce availability, transportation and supply chain disruption brought on by the heat and a boost in trade requiring additional staff.

The extent to which these challenges or others affect your business depends on several factors, for instance:


Strategies for facing these challenges

Successfully navigating summer disruptions begins well before the season begins, and should be integrated into your business strategy. Consider the following:

The opportunities the summer season brings

Summer also offers numerous opportunities for your business to diversify and conduct internal evaluations. By seizing these opportunities, you can minimise any negative impacts of the season and help your business thrive.

One opportunity provided is for businesses that have locations and sectors to allow access to tourist markets. They can consider temporarily expanding into these areas to discover new revenue streams.

Take advantage of quieter periods, when clients or suppliers are away, to assess your processes and make improvements.

Additionally, it’s the perfect time to review your hiring process. If you know your company is going to need seasonal staff, use this time to streamline your onboarding and recruitment workflows for smoother operations.

If you require extra help managing your business during the summer and maximising your processes, contact our team for personalised advice.


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