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How can your team contribute to growth?

If you aim to grow your business, you must consider whether your staff have the skillset and capacity to drive this growth.

You need to evaluate your business’s current performance compared with where you want your business to be in five years.

As your business expands, whether through acquiring additional clients or increasing production, it’s vital to consider if your team can manage the extra workload.

Do you need to employ more staff?

In the situation where your team lacks the capability to handle additional tasks, you might need to employ more staff. But getting the timing right can be challenging.

During the initial stages of your growth strategy, your business is likely to incur costs before it sees and increase in demand.

So, you need to consider whether employing more staff is justified during this time.

You may need to communicate to your staff members that there will be a temporary workload increase until demand begins to grow and you can afford to take on more staff.

Should you upskill?

If you are growing the team or expanding your services, you need to ensure your employees have the right skillset.

A smaller, well-rounded team that complements one another will perform far better than a larger team lacking communication and a sense of unity.

To cultivate a successful team, it’s necessary to evaluate their individual strengths and weaknesses to identify any gaps.

Even regarding yourself, it’s crucial to adopt an unbiased approach when examining your skillset to ensure your business thrives.

Identifying these gaps will allow you to shape your recruitment strategy and staff development plans. If there’s a prevalent area where many team members lack skills, you can address this by providing the relevant training.

You need to consider all areas of your business when planning for growth, so make sure you analyse these in depth.

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