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How cloud accounting is helping businesses grow

Many businesses are becoming more and more reliant on technology, not only to keep their finances in order but to cover any shortfall in staff.

For instance, a task previously performed by a person can now be completed by a smart app.

Cloud accounting is playing an ever more important role for SMEs and acts as an important link between them and their accountants.

Technology available 24/7

Accountants can set up systems which can automate a lot of your business’s accounting functions.

Web-based accounting technology allows cloud-based apps to reduce the time needed for vital but time-consuming tasks.

This can include invoicing systems that tell you what’s been paid and what hasn’t. Smart software will even send reminder emails to clients who have not paid so you don’t have to.

Because it’s cloud-based it can be accessed anywhere in the world, by desktop, laptop or smartphone and deal with problems as they arise.

Other areas where it can help might include:

Many of these tasks might have been performed by accountants previously, but by automating systems, both the client and accountant can save time and concentrate on other important advisory areas.

This could include delving deeper into tax issues to reduce tax exposure, address poor record-keeping and help prepare for audits.

Accountants can then offer a wider service including strategic advice and money-saving and revenue-boosting ideas, including:

Accountancy is at the cutting edge of 21st-century technology, which can only be beneficial for clients.

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