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Does the falling price of the pound create new opportunities?

Most people will see the fall in the price of the pound as a weakening of the UK economy, but could it present new and unique opportunities to British businesses?

The value of sterling has continued to be fairly volatile, and its recent historic fall post-mini-Budget brought it close to parity with the dollar.

This has meant that the cost of investing in UK businesses is lower than before, especially for businesses and individuals based in the US or otherwise primarily trading in dollars.

This is because each of their dollars is now worth more in sterling, meaning they literally get more bang for their buck.

This is potentially good news for UK businesses and their owners who might be seeking investors or buyers because it means they may have the opportunity to seek a higher price than they would previously have been able to command.

It could also open the door to a new group of prospective buyers who might not previously have considered international investments or purchases.

Marketing your business for sale or seeking investment is not a straightforward undertaking and needs to be approached strategically.

That means you need to be clear in advance on what you want to achieve, what you feasibly can achieve and the steps you can take to obtain the best deal.

The precise timing of marketing your business and securing a deal for sale or investment is more of a tactical consideration that needs to fit within this broader framework.

It is neither feasible nor desirable to seek an immediate sale to or investment from dollar-based businesses or individuals.

However, with the pound currently at historically low levels and few experts expecting any significant upward swing in the short to medium term, now may be a good time to start the strategic process that needs to underpin the sale of your business.


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