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Tax Planning

Tax is a good thing – our money keeps the country running. But paying too much tax is not a good thing. Every year, UK taxpayers give away several billion pounds more than they need to.

The government creates many legitimate opportunities for you to reduce the amount you pay in tax. However, you may not be aware of them all, or you may be unsure of how to take advantage of them – or like many people, you may have known but simply not done anything.

Tax is a complex area, and becomes more so if you run a business or have several sources of income. Numerous factors will affect the amount of tax you should pay each year, including your job, savings and personal circumstances. But for many of us, fear of paying too little tax (and the possibly consequences) means we often end up paying too much.

At Brown Butler, we support our clients every step of the way, ensuring a quality driven fully rounded service, enabling you to make own informed decisions and take control of your tax affairs.

We can help you boost your finances with some careful tax planning. This will be an ongoing process rather than a one-off activity, because tax law is complex and never stays still for long. We stay up to date with the latest rules, reliefs and allowances, to ensure that you are not paying any more than you need to.

Business Tax

The world of tax is becoming ever more complex but with proper planning and advice tax can be saved when undertaking transactions. Being part of the DFK International association with 435 offices in 93 countries worldwide, means that we can advise on overseas matters.

See our Business Tax page.

Research and Development Tax Relief

What is R&D tax relief?

For innovative businesses R&D tax relief is a way of claiming tax back from HM Revenue & Customs (“HMRC”). The relief gives an additional tax deduction for R&D qualifying expenditure and, for loss making companies, the ability to convert that loss into a tax refund.

Have a look at our Research and Development Tax Relief page.

Private client tax

We are used to working with High Net Worth Individuals and entrepreneurs with complex tax positions.

See our Private Client Tax page.


VAT is a complex area and the costs for businesses of getting it wrong can be significant. With Making Tax Digital for Business being introduced for VAT purposes from April 2019 it is even more important that transactions are properly recorded.

We can assist with VAT registration and ongoing compliance.

Please see our VAT page for more information.

Tax dispute resolution / Tax investigations / Tax disclosures

Quite simply, we resolve tax disputes – be they with HMRC, or between businesses or individuals.

We have acted in many cases, each having their own individual issues

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