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Steve Mannion

Our busy payroll bureau takes time-based or value-based information from clients either by e-mail or fax. Taking care of the whole payroll function, even down to administering the transfer of the net wages into employees' bank accounts via BACS. Year end filing of returns is all part of the service.

Our range of payroll services and advice covers the following:

  • Comprehensive advice on all statutory requirements regarding PAYE, NIC and payroll.
  • Advice on payroll aspects of Auto Enrolment.
  • Advice on how to prepare and deal with PAYE audits.
  • Advice on status issues; employee or subcontractor.
  • Advice on subcontractors' tax systems.
  • Fully comprehensive SMP and SSP advice.
  • Advice on PAYE year end procedures, completion of forms and penalty avoidance.
  • Advice on redundancy and termination procedures and payments.
  • Advice on overseas workers seconded to and from the UK regarding the reciprocal agreements currently in force.
  • Registration and set-up of new PAYE schemes.
  • Advice on employment legislation.

For more information about how we can help please contact Steve Mannion.